Vogue Releases iPad App

25 Feb

Vogue released its first iPad app this past week, and while sales data is unavailable yet, it is slated to do well. (article from Guardian) Most magazines have had trouble selling their apps for the popular tablet device. Vogue’s version is hoping to woo readers with exclusive content from its March cover shoot and interview with Lady Gaga.

At $.99, it’s a bargain compared to some of its competitors’ issue apps, which can run about $3.99, closer to the newsstand price.

However, it’s probably less expensive because it has less to offer the reader. Yes, it includes the cover editorial and profile, but it has none of the other content from the issue. If readers want to see the full magazine, they have to purchase the print edition on top of this app. Most of the time, readers of fashion magazines care a lot less about the cover interview than the fashion features, so the die-hard Vogue fanatics probably won’t care as much about this app. Because of this, the current format for the app will only work well if the cover girl is a huge, Gaga-level star, which will make the masses flock to buy Vogue.

Vogue has had some weak cover choices in the past, like Halle Berry (September 2010) and Angelina Jolie. If they want to keep their app popular, they’re going to have to pick more relevant stars in the future to keep drawing people in.


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