Dior sans Galliano

3 Mar

John Galliano, the British designer who has been the mastermind behind Dior since 1997, has been in the news a lot this past week. Dior Haute Couture fired him after he made anti-semitic remarks toward a couple at a Paris cafe and was in a video saying, “I love Hitler.” He has now been arrested on charges of public insults based on ethnicity or religion and will be tried in French courts. Dior’s runway show is scheduled to be shown tomorrow, and the big question is whether or not people will attend.

While I feel that what Galliano did was incredibly offensive, I don’t know if it necessitates a boycott of Dior. Dior is more than just Galliano, and supporting the house, which had no part in the hateful speech, is not a problem. They now are even less tied to him, since they fired him. I personally feel more strongly that people should boycott the John Galliano show on Sunday. John Galliano the fashion brand is strictly him, and he deserves the punishment of no attendees.

As to what will happen to Dior, it’s hard to say. Hopefully they won’t receive too much backlash for Galliano’s mistake. The design house has always been a force in fashion, and it was Galliano’s creativity which really brought it to another level. Purely for fashion reasons, I am sad that he might not be able to continue designing, both for Dior and his own label. He was always one to watch. We’ll have to watch what happens.


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