Kate Was Princess Perfection

30 Apr

The Anglophile I am, I stayed up last night into the wee hours to catch a glimpse of the lovely Kate and Will exchanging their vows. And of course, I couldn’t wait a moment extra to see the gown.

After all of the buildup to the dress reveal, the gown didn’t dissapoint. Sarah Burton of Alexander McQueen turned out to be the designer. (I had a hunch that even with the quelling of the Burton rumors it would end up being her.) Her dress had a classic elegance that took me back to a time when Grace Kelly became Princess Grace of Monaco, without looking outdated. At the same time, it was subtly sexy yet demure with a sweetheart bodice and sheer sleeves to keep her covered for the Westminster Abbey venue. It had a train, but not a ridiculously long one. To sum it up, she looked, quite fittingly, like a princess of the 21st century.

A lot of the appeal with women about the Kate and Will romance story is that Kate was just a normal girl before she met the prince at university. She kept up with her regular girl persona by doing her own hair and makeup for the ceremony, a task most celebrity brides hire people to do. If I were getting married in a ceremony that would be broadcast to the world, I would be afraid to leave my makeup up to my own nervous hands. But I guess she trusted herself more than anyone else, and she did an amazing job. Her makeup enhanced her features without being too much, and she opted for a natural colored nail, which put the ring front and center. She looked gorgeous and simply glowed, getting a “Wait ’til you see her” from Harry to William as Kate processed down the aisle.


One Response to “Kate Was Princess Perfection”

  1. Fancy Lingerie April 30, 2011 at 3:07 am #

    Wow, she did her own make-up? She did look so amazing and so elegant. Watched the ceremony twice now and will probably watch it again.

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