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Met Gala 2011

4 May

I always look forward to the Met Gala, because it puts the focus on the celebrities of the fashion world–the designers, models, and industry insiders. Because of its focus and guest list, attendees dress to the nines in high fashion, as opposed to the more mainstream looks seen on other red carpets.

There were numerous Alexander McQueen ensembles, fittingly since the gala was in honor of the McQueen exhibit opening. My favorite was Daphne Guinness, one of McQueen’s dear friends, who wore a dress from the McQueen spring 2011 line, the first collection designed by his predecessor Sarah Burton. She wore the slightly avant-garde molded dress the right way, keeping her hair and makeup simple.

Other notable McQueen ensembles were Coco Rocha’s black and gold feathered frock, Anna Dello Russo’s bolero pantsuit, and Gisele Bundchen’s red hot gown.

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Kate Was Princess Perfection

30 Apr

The Anglophile I am, I stayed up last night into the wee hours to catch a glimpse of the lovely Kate and Will exchanging their vows. And of course, I couldn’t wait a moment extra to see the gown.

After all of the buildup to the dress reveal, the gown didn’t dissapoint. Sarah Burton of Alexander McQueen turned out to be the designer. (I had a hunch that even with the quelling of the Burton rumors it would end up being her.) Her dress had a classic elegance that took me back to a time when Grace Kelly became Princess Grace of Monaco, without looking outdated. At the same time, it was subtly sexy yet demure with a sweetheart bodice and sheer sleeves to keep her covered for the Westminster Abbey venue. It had a train, but not a ridiculously long one. To sum it up, she looked, quite fittingly, like a princess of the 21st century.

A lot of the appeal with women about the Kate and Will romance story is that Kate was just a normal girl before she met the prince at university. She kept up with her regular girl persona by doing her own hair and makeup for the ceremony, a task most celebrity brides hire people to do. If I were getting married in a ceremony that would be broadcast to the world, I would be afraid to leave my makeup up to my own nervous hands. But I guess she trusted herself more than anyone else, and she did an amazing job. Her makeup enhanced her features without being too much, and she opted for a natural colored nail, which put the ring front and center. She looked gorgeous and simply glowed, getting a “Wait ’til you see her” from Harry to William as Kate processed down the aisle. See more photos

In Memory of Elizabeth Taylor, Style Icon

23 Mar

Elizabeth Taylor passed away today at the age of 79. The movie star exuded glamour and sex appeal, with fitted frocks, accessorized perfectly with lots of exquisite jewelry and immaculate hair. Even in her 70s, she continued to pile on the diamonds. As she once said, “Big girls need big diamonds.”

Here’s a look back on some of her best fashion moments.

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Lady Gaga: Born to Walk?

4 Mar

Lady Gaga walked today in Thierry Mugler’s Fall 2011 show. Now, while I’m usually opposed to celebrities being featured in runway shows as a novelty (like Tom Ford’s Spring 11 collection), I felt that this was a lot more genuine than other attempts at using stars as models. Gaga has strong ties to Thierry Mugler creative director Nicola Formichetti, who is a member of her Haus of Gaga, the team that designs the costumes and overall concept for her shows. Since Formichetti is one of her close friends, it seems fitting that he would have her walk and use her music to underscore the show.

I think it worked so well mostly because the entire show was Gaga-centric and flowed cohesively. The runway was sculpted into a makeshift cathedral, relating to Lady Gaga’s churchlike performance at the Grammys. It wasn’t just the atmosphere, though. Mama Monster is basically a posterchild for the label, and it fits with her aesthetic perfectly–80s inspired and eccentric. The models gave the same sass that Gaga gave, instead of the pop star standing out against very straightforward walkers. And Lady Gaga strutted her stuff in her sky high platforms like a true performer, looking like she felt she belonged on that runway.

If you want to watch the show, here’s the link:

Celebs and Food: Genuine or PR?

18 Feb

The New York Times recently ran an article about actresses stuffing their faces with greasy food during interviews, and how journalists write about this in descriptive detail. A number of possible reasons for the food talk were brought up.

Interviews are typically being conducted over meals, as starlets give less time to reporters. Whereas a reporter used to spend a few days shadowing a subject, getting real insights into what makes them tick, now they’re limited to an hour, where most of what happens is chowing down.

Another possible cause of the food focus is that actresses simply like to talk about their culinary obsessions. I hate to be cynical, but I can’t help but think that actresses go on and on about their comfort food indulgences to shield any eating disorder speculation. So that the reader will say, “Oh, I guess she really does eat.” It shows an unrealistic view of the star’s diet, even if they may be eating something caloric in the interview setting.

“We would all appreciate it if you had an interview with an actress who says: ‘You know what? It’s my job to be a certain size, and it takes a lot of work for me to do so. I tend to eat very healthy, small portions, but once in a while I splurge,’ I would like to hear that. That it’s not easy.”

-Anna Holmes, founding editor of Jezebel (via New York Times)

I believe that the media is largely at fault. Yes, celebs might push talk about food, but did the reporter start it by asking the question? In the end, writers are completely in control of what they print. The general format of magazine profiles nowadays is a lede talking about meeting the celebrity for food and what they ordered, followed by questions. As if there was rarely anything more interesting about the subject than where the writer met them and what they ingested. I’m sure the writer could come up with something more thrilling than that to begin with.

Why are we so obsessed with celebrities eating? We like to think that food is the great equalizer. That if Katherine Heigl eats a Big Mac, maybe we’re not so different from her after all. Maybe we can look like her, too. In one way, this is good for the girls who idolize these women, since it might help them to not fear food and avoid eating disorders. But it’s up to reporters to cut through the PR and get the truth out of the actresses, that for them fatty food is just a treat.

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