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Tweet for the Job

23 Feb

Robert Duffy, the man behind the @MarcJacobsIntl twitter handle, has decided to step down from his social media post at the fashion house. The brand has gathered far more followers (about 98,000) than other designers due to Duffy’s lively, witty, divulging tweets.

Now one of the most iconic American fashion brands is looking for its next social media employee, and they’re using a unique form of cultivating possible replacements: They’re asking hopeful employees to tweet at them to be considered for the job. The candidates who entertain them the most with their clever tweets that show they understand the brand get flown in for an interview.

So far, Marc Jacobs hasn’t found its new tweeter, but it probably won’t take very long. They have already interviewed a few candidates, and 140 characters of text is a lot less to sift through for each candidate than a resume, cover letter and writing samples. This has sped up the hiring process by getting to the heart of the job–the ability to communicate via tweets. It’s a brilliant hiring strategy.

This is important for all social media hopefuls. Can you sell your skills in one tweet? Because if companies are smart, they’ll begin recruiting this way for social media jobs. No resume, just one awesome tweet.


Digital Fashion Week

18 Feb

New York fashion week is almost over, and it has definitely been the most accessible fashion week of all. For those of us who couldn’t make it to New York (and wouldn’t get seats for shows if we tried anyway), designers livestreamed the shows. Most houses used Twitter to get the word out about the streams, and some included comment functions on the streaming sites, so viewers could get in on the action. Other content has been doing this for a long time and some fashion designers have done similar things in the past, but this is the first time it’s been done so widely by the fashion world.

Besides the live videos, most shows were live tweeted from the front row by fashion editors and bloggers alike. When the lights went down at the Marc by Marc Jacobs show, the glow of cell phones could be seen, ready to capture photos and send out messages of delight at the runway attire.

The front row is no longer solely for celebs, socialites, and editors at glossy magazines. Famous fashion bloggers, who hold almost as much power as some of the editors, sat V.I.P. at shows. Tumblr got involved in fashion week, and sent 20 fashion bloggers to New York to cover shows. Fashion has been democratized, like everything else, through technology.

As someone who is an aspiring fashion writer, it was a thrill to get to be so close to the action via technology. The tools have been available, but they haven’t been as widely used as they were this year. Everyone can get in on fashion week if they want to now. While there’s no substitute for seeing the clothes in person, this is a pretty good alternative.

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